New Projects

FYT Fuels continues to research and develop chemical and industrial innovations to reduce the environmental impact of bio-fuels production, while controlling costs and increasing profits.  

FYT Fuels is currently developing:

  • Super-green Bio-diesel:  Current approaches to bio-diesel production are rooted in the original batch production process of three decades ago.  Despite the large scale industrial production systems now in place, the basic chemistry of the industry has not changed.  Minor process improvements and continually proposed and occasionally implemented…but no zero based system design has been brought online.  FYT’s Super-green re-invents bio-diesel production, while increasing production by 5-6% with reduced energy consumption and a minimal waste stream. Debut of Super-green systems is anticipated in early 2021.
  • Existing biodiesel systems use fossil fuel sourced methanol as a primary input. FYT Fuels is in development of systems to replace that environmentally problematic feedstock with a renewably sourced replacement, substantially reducing the carbon footprint of bio-diesel production putting “more renewable” in biodiesel. (late 2021)
  • The FYT Fuel team has patented an innovative process to efficiently use lower grade biodiesel feedstocks (i.e. those with higher than desired free fatty acid (FFA) contents) via esterification with glycerol and high vacuums. This allows for more effective recycling of waste oils into usable fuels. (early 2021)
  • The FYT Fuel team is in the very early stages of designing a unique approach to reducing diesel emissions, both NOx and particulates. (unknown launch date)