Our Technologies

FYT Fuels is developing chemical engineering processes and technologies to create high-profit opportunities in the biofuel sector. FYT Fuels focus is on opportunities within the biodiesel sector to cost effectively process low-cost raw materials into higher-value products.

A suite of proprietary (patents pending) biodiesel related technologies is available:

  • Glycerol purification from biodiesel sourced crude glycerol
  • Glycerol esterification of fatty acids in biodiesel raw materials down to low FFA levels in an economical and high yielding manner
  • A low cost anhydrous transesterification catalyst formulation
  • A continuous non¬≠aqueous biodiesel purification system
  • A system tuned to the production of ethyl ester biodiesels (FAEEs) in a high yield process

We strive to put more renewable in renewable fuels in a safe, economical manner. We can use any fatty acid based raw material to make a distilled biodiesel product. Interested?  Contact us