FYT Purification

Production of bio-diesel generates crude glycerol as a by-product. FYT Fuels has developed a small, automated modular system that can upgrade that crude glycerol into a highly purified product with a significantly greater value compared to the crude material. Purified glycerol is valued between 4 to 10 times greater than crude glycerol.

Upgrading crude glycerol can result in a significant profit source for a biodiesel producer, regardless of fluctuations in the commodity market price.

FYT Fuel’s patented glycerol purification process differs from the current distillation approach used industrially in many ways, particularly in the application of vacuum systems. The conventional glycerol distillation process is costly, both in capital investment, energy usage and operational costs…so much so that most bio-diesel producers sell their crude glycerol for pennies rather that invest in making high purity glycerol.

FYT’s high vacuum system uses less energy, generates far less environmental impact and is substantially more profitable than conventional multi-stage distillation, while producing a highly refined, pure pharmaceutical grade 99.5+% glycerol.

FYT’s system can operate as a stand-alone facility, or can be co-located with a bio-fuels or industrial plant. The system is scalable to accommodate availability of feedstock inputs or demand for product.

FYT Fuels promise: higher profits, reduced environmental impact.